About Us

Experts in residence at Cape Maid Farms

Cape Maid FarmsOur queen of the forest resident cat Misty is all about Cape Maid Farms.  She’s the watcher and the greeter of customers at the front cash register and you’ll sometimes catch her napping in the reptile room among the crawly creatures.  Misty is 21 years old and has been with Cape Maid Farms longer than any other staff.

Linda is our small animal maiden. She has managed our ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, bunnies and rats for over 10 years. Linda’s furry friends would love to have you come and see them. And, she can show you how cuddly these creatures are.

Nick has been with Cape Maid Farms for over 10 years. He’s our resident fish and pond expert and manages all things that swim. Nick can help you with keeping the PH balance of your water just right and can answer any of your tropical, marine or pond related questions.

For nearly 10 years, Kim has been our keeper of all things reptile and manages these creatures in our dedicated reptile room. If it crawls, or creeps, or slithers, Kim knows! Come in and ask Kim to show you one of our resident snakes or dragons.

Nicole, our main cashier for nearly 10 years is a guru when it comes to everything dogs and cats! She knows what to feed, ‘em, how to please ‘em, and can help you find the perfect bed, toy or accessory for your little-one, …. or big one!

On the weekends, our cashier Mike flies high with the birds. An aficionado of all things that chirp in the wild, Mike will recommend just the right seed to keep your birds singing in your yard, and help you keep those pesky squirrels from raiding their dinner.

Kelly is a Cape Maid Farms manager and has been with us for over 10 years. She’s a big Red Sox fan with Nantucket ties. Her love for animals includes owning cockatiels and dogs.

Meet Antoine our general manager and who oversees the operations of Cape Maid Farms. Like Doctor Doolittle, Antoine enjoys talking with pets and their owners and solving problems when they arise. You can read a little more about Antoine in a recent interview here: 10 Questions with Cape Maid Farm’s GM Antoine Seailles.